Committed to helping others heal through movement
Committed to helping others heal through movement

SomaSoul®: Somatic Therapy

Too often our focus in therapy is on our verbal narrative. What happened? When? Why? We tend to neglect another powerful storyteller, our body! In fact, the body records our emotional experience as adeptly as our mind.  Our viscera and nervous systems record our entire lives and express these memories in tensions as well as physical and emotional imbalances.  In SomaSoul®: Somatic Therapy we explore mindful ways to identify, explore, and express our body’s voice.With an emphasis on movement, contemplative practices, as well as drawing and journaling, you’ll learn how to befriend and listen to your emotional body as it is communicated through your physical body. 

SomaSoul®: Somatic Therapy was developed by Dan Leven, founder and Director of the Leven Institute for Expressive Movement (LIFE Movement).

Sage offers individual SomaSoul® therapy both in person and via Skype.  She leads SomaSoul workshops and is a faculty member for SomSoul Somatic Therapy at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.